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Woodruff the green thing
Woodruff the green thing
Woodruff the green thing
Woodruff the green thing

Woodruff the green thing

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Green Wonder

Doesn't taste good but sounds delicious 

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art dolls with our unique creation. This special Artdoll was designed with attention to detail and is a true work of art. Her neon green coat and vibrant neon pink mane give her a striking and unique look.

The head of this art doll is artfully modeled and is reminiscent of a cute little skull. Two cute horns protrude from her head and give her a fairytale charm. The face is lovingly designed and radiates a certain magic.

The Artdoll is made with high quality modeling clay and has an internal plastic skeleton that allows her to move. This allows you to customize their pose and expression and bring them to life. Her movable paws allow her to present herself playfully.

This unique artdoll is a real eye-catcher and a collector's item for art lovers and artdoll enthusiasts. Their vibrant colors and exceptional design make them a wonderful addition to any collection.

Experience the magic of this art doll with neon green fur and neon pink hair and be enchanted by its uniqueness and character. Whether as a decorative piece in your home or as a special gift for an art lover, this art doll is guaranteed to draw admiring glances.


  • ca. 35cm lang
  • softly lined
  • fully articulated plastic skeleton 

Important! - This monster is a collector's item and not a toy for children. 

materials and shipping

Yarn, Faux Fur Fabric, Alcohol Based Paint, Fiberfill, Acrylic Paint, CosClay, Wire, Fabric Paint, Glue, Hot Glue, Wire, Paperclay, Aluminum Foil, 

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