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rainbow dragon
rainbow dragon
rainbow dragon
rainbow dragon
rainbow dragon
rainbow dragon

rainbow dragon

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Colorful stripes monster

Rainbow and a pot of gold



Dive into a world of color and fantasy with our mesmerizing Rainbow Kite. With its bright rainbow stripes and majestic wings, this dragon is a real eye-catcher and a companion full of magic.

The colorful design of this kite makes every heart beat faster. Its colorful rainbow stripes give it a unique and mesmerizing aesthetic that invites you to dream. The vibrant colors represent the joy and magic of life.

This dragon's majestic wings symbolize freedom and the ability to soar to new heights. They are a sign of the spirit of adventure and the spirit of discovery that this dragon embodies.

With its loving expression and its large, sparkling eyes, this rainbow dragon radiates a special warmth and friendliness. He will quickly become your faithful companion who accompanies you on your journeys and gives you joy and comfort.

This rainbow dragon is not just a stuffed animal, but a symbol of the beauty and diversity of the world. He encourages you to embrace your uniqueness and enjoy life with open eyes and a happy heart.

High-quality materials and careful craftsmanship guarantee a long service life and continued enjoyment of this special kite. Whether as a gift for a kite lover or as an inspirational decoration in your home, this rainbow kite is guaranteed to turn heads.

Let yourself be enchanted by the colors and the charm of this rainbow dragon and experience unforgettable adventures in a world full of fantasy and joy.


  • ca. 20cm lang 
  • softly lined

Important! - This monster is a collector's item and not a toy for children. 

materials and shipping

Yarn, printed minky, fiberfill

  • 2-7 working days within Germany
  • 5-15 working days outside of Germany*

*Due to world events, there may be significant delays.

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