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Penelope - Pen
Penelope - Pen
Penelope - Pen
Penelope - Pen

Penelope - Pen

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Pinker Punk

She wants to be called Pen 

Enter the exciting world of unique skull monsters with our lovable Penelope, aka Pen! With her eye-catching pink appearance and her unique hairstyle, she is a true individualist among her fellows.

Penelope not only impresses with her extraordinary appearance, but also with her impeccable character. She is loving, playful and always ready for adventures. Her unique hair sprouting from her small skull gives her a distinctive style and makes her a true punk in a good way.

This unique skull monster is not only a collector's item, but also a loyal companion for anyone who is attracted to their uniqueness. Their cheerful personality and charming expression make them a perfect gift for monster lovers of all ages.

Penelope, or simply Pen, is looking forward to becoming part of your life and inspiring you with her lovely nature. Be inspired by her uniqueness and discover a world of adventure and fun together with her.


  • ca. 35cm lang
  • softly lined
  • fully articulated plastic skeleton 

Important! - This monster is a collector's item and not a toy for children. 

materials and shipping

Yarn, fake fur, alcohol-based paint, fiberfill, acrylic paint, CosClay, wire, fabric paint, glue, hot glue, wire, paperclay, aluminum foil, resin, glass stones, decorative beads

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