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Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
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Neo Geo

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Radioactive life form

A glow at the end of the subway tunnel 

The little monster not only has a great hairstyle, but also glows in the dark when it has had enough sunlight during the day. You'd almost think it's radioactive, but don't worry, it's not.


  • ca. 35cm lang
  • softly lined
  • glowing in the dark
  • fully articulated plastic skeleton 

Important! - This monster is a collector's item and not a toy for children. 

materials and shipping

Yarn, faux fur, alcohol-based paint, fiberfill, acrylic paint, CosClay, wire, fabric paint, glue, hot glue, wire, paperclay, aluminum foil, resin 

  • 2-7 working days within Germany
  • 5-15 working days outside of Germany*

*Because of Covid-19 there may be significant delays.

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