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Autumn Fall Stupsi
Autumn Fall Stupsi
Autumn Fall Stupsi
Autumn Fall Stupsi
Autumn Fall Stupsi

Autumn Fall Stupsi

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Your loyal companion for all seasons

Gray fur and cute ears

Join us on a journey through the autumn forests with our gray wolf, Autumn Fall Stupsi. With its cute appearance and majestic appearance, it reminds you of the beauty and silence of the forest in the cool season.

Autumn Fall Stupsi is a proud 90 cm long and is presented in a harmonious gray with a touch of brown, which makes him appear like a real wolf. His cuddly soft fur invites you to hug him tightly and feel the warmth of nature.

With his watchful eyes, Autumn Fall Stupsi lovingly observes his surroundings and radiates a calm serenity. Its presence conveys a feeling of security and connection that will accompany you through the cool season.

This gray wolf is not just a cuddly toy, but a symbol of the beauty and magic of autumn. Whether you place it on the sofa, in bed or next to the fireplace, Autumn Fall Stupsi will create a warm atmosphere with its presence and bring the magic of autumn into your home.

Made from high-quality materials and crafted with attention to detail, Autumn Fall Stupsi promises long-lasting joy and countless cuddly moments. His depiction and warm personality make him a sought-after collector's item for wolf lovers of all ages.

Experience the beauty of autumn with Autumn Fall Stupsi, your faithful companion for the cool season, and let yourself be enchanted by its natural elegance and warmth.


  • softly lined
  • approx. 90cm long

Important! - This monster is a collector's item and not a toy for children. 

Material and shipping

Yarn, fake fur fabric, fiberfill, felt, effect fabric, toy eyes

  • 2-7 business days within Germany
  • 5-15 business days outside Germany*


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